My project aim was to increase consumer awareness into advertising in the mass media. To help give an understanding into how much the consumer experiences to persuade them to consume. After doing my research I found that advertising is effectively £200 billion industry that is perpetually telling you the way to happiness is through products and consuming. Most of research was secondary using the internet, television and books to help me, Primary research I used was questionnaires and attending a interview. I used this research to help curve my final outcomes with a few changes along the way.

My project started out looking at government information posters and creating some modernist/minimal style posters that used the transport for london styled poster to create a parody about advertising. Based on that I felt that these were aimed at a limited target audience and did not convey the message out to consumers.

From reading the book ‘mail-order Mysteries’ my projects started to turn towards 50′ and 60’s retro illustration. The book showed me the power of advertising as a simple comic book advert had the design to sell these products, which was usually never to the customers satisfaction. From this I looked at creating my own comic book style adverts but for products that helps to stop you from experiencing advertising.

Creating the illustrations for these adverts was hard as it was hard to draw retro styled illustration to the same quality as they once drew them, which took the a lot of the time. But creating the adverts was relativity easy after that with knowledge of illustrator and photoshop helping. Going back i would have started the drawing a lot earlier as drawing isn’t my strongest. Other than that i feel they communicate the message well and give a clear message on what is being sold with a little irony.

After the adverts I created a series of packaging designs for a few of the products that reflected back to the style that i was going for. The four designs came out better than I hoped with only a few errors on size and measurements which is clean for the free speech packaging but these could be easily changed. But other than that I think aesthetically they work well and maybe should have created more.

Overall I feel the Project has created an impact on advertising that informs consumers that there should be a choice as it makes you think ‘where does it stop’. To me I have felt i have learnt a clear understanding into the advertising industry from how it started to techniques and tactics. I’m hoping to get lots of feedback with there own opinions on this subject when I take it to the exhibitions.





25th,26th,27th April

last couple of days making sure sketchbooks are up to date and printed promo posters. The screen printing came out ok in the red but needs to be re done as the ink dried to quick in places so I need to print again in black for finals with a stamp in red at the bottom. Photos to follow

24th April

Made a mock up of the book using dark brown for the cover with sugar paper as the pages then stitching the spine with flax. This was relatively easy to make after making a pagination before hand so I knew which bit went where overall please with the look but some of the measurements did not size up right so that needs to be changed.

23rd April

Last week. Packaging is completed and made mock ups over the weekend with tem being printed onto brown paper then spray mounted onto card the cut out and folded into boxes. I feel they work well together and look like retro packaging.

  • Last week 
  • make sure packaging is all finished 
  • photos for packaging
  • make mock up of book
  • screen print on thursday and friday

18th April

Continued with designing nets and packaging for the products with the free speech spray paint nearly finished and the x ray specs completed photos to come soon.

17th April

Researched into retro packaging and made a few sketches into making some box nets for a few of the products all in a certain style. Also started making Promo posters for the brand addicted with a few images from old newspapers found in the loft.

16th April

Today I got my logo laser cut and embossed into stamps with plywood to give it a grainy feel to it when it stamps. It took a few attempts to get the stamp right but they look good next I need to experiment with inks.

  • Laser cut logo into stamp
  • create packaging
  • make packaging look retro
  • look at different packaging nets
  • research retro packaging 
  • make promo posters

11th April

experimented with a variety of different styles of logos and where to place them. Next week need to focus on creating packaging and laser cutting stamps

10th April

Started to create a set of six stickers to help spread the word these stickers would be placed on advertising with a sentence warning people about what they are about to experience advising them to use ‘addicted advertising products’.

9th April

Finished the logo with a retro illustration drawn by myself with a man pointing to his head almost like he is pointing at his mind in reaction to visual pollution, almost like he is explaining the effects. I think he fits well to the style and looks like a nice icon for people to remember and relate to.

  • finish designing logo
  • create stickers
  • advertise stickers
  • slogan 
  • packaging?
  • book?

4th April

Logo and branding ideas today with names and slogans flowing through my head but the one that seems to stick out is ‘Addicted’ cause I like how Its meaning is ‘continued use of a mood altering substance’ where consumerism is this and advertising is a catalytic to spur people onto shopping being the drug. But how ever much we spend we seem to keep on returning to get our fix.

3rd April

printed a few more posters just to see how they look on A3 news print with halftone effect in the background and I think they came out well may need a little work towards the end but they look ok for now.

2nd April

finishing up on all the poster designs and drawings they are all coming together well. Placing the text right and in the right style can be a bit tricky but once its in the right place they look the part next is screen printing finals.

  • less than a month before deadline 
  • finish adverts
  • finish all drawings
  • make a mock up with halftone on news print
  • logo?